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A lazy warm afternoon.  In a meadow. A light, tepid breeze sweeping through the air, a reminder that spring is hanging around, not quite ready to pass the torch to summer. With each gentle gust, the air is filled with particles of life-giving flora…and the winged creatures that live on that flora.  Unfiltered sunlight flows over the landscape, lightly washing the brilliant greens, yellows, reds and blues with a coat of bright white, another signal the seasons are in transition.

Sitting at the corner of the bar surrounded by ashtrays and empty martini glasses. The mirror on the back wall behind the dimly lit liquor shelf is tinged with smoke…and so is the bartender. Every so often, the door opens at the front of the establishment, the fading light of a hot summer day spilling in to upset the status quo and briefly illuminate the interior, a harsh peek behind the façade of faded elegance.  And just like that, stasis returns, and the rough edges are smoothed out by shadow and the underpowered glow of ancient, incandescent lights.

To me, this is Lana Del Rey.  Of course most of her videos also perpetuate a similar type of imagery so my subconscious has probably succumbed to subliminal manipulation.



There is plenty of derision to go around on the internet about her lyrical ability, her engineered image, her mismatched vocal  styling and, yes, her Saturday Night Live performance. And nobody in the business of reviewing music can agree on whether her lyrics are  good, bad, sexist or subtext.



I don’t care, all I know is that when I listen to her album Born to Die, I tend to find myself whisked away to the places described above. (I’ll be honest, though, I have no idea what a meadow really looks like…I live in LA. And if I had my choice I’d request to only be whisked away to the bar scene.) It’s her voice reminding me of Nancy Sinatra and Peggy Lee; it’s the Americana-tinged guitars and sweeping orchestral vistas underscored by perfectly placed hip-hop beats and samples that seamlessly mesh retro pop with now pop.

With the release of her new single, West Coast, I look forward her next full album release. Where it will whisk me off to, who knows? But I hope there’s a bottle of bourbon there.