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Photo by Scott Penner, Flickr: Papa Emeritus II - Coachella 2013

Photo by Scott Penner, Flickr: Papa Emeritus II – Coachella 2013-Some Rights Reserved


Manchester Orchestra at House of Blues, Anaheim on Sunday May 4th marked the 8th live show I’d seen in a 3-week period. I see a lot of shows, but this was a particularly prodigious stretch for me.

Some observations:

There were some milestones during this stretch…Ghoul, with Iron Reagan was the first time I’d ever visited The Roxy…and a couple of weeks later I returned to the Roxy to see OFF!


Ghoul @ The Roxy, April 13, 2014-courtesy of Vulture Video


Iron Reagan @ The Roxy, April 13, 2014-courtesy of Vulture Video


Keith Morris (OFF!, Circle Jerks, Black Flag) and Lee Ving (FEAR)—whom I saw on a panel at a screening of The Decline of Western Civilization I and III a week before seeing OFF!—are two of the baddest-ever members of the AARP. At 58, Morris is still as menacing and frenetic as ever on stage with the energy and anger of a 20 year-old disaffected street punk. Ving for that matter holds his own at the age of 64, as I witnessed last year when Fear played House of Blues Sunset.


OFF!-Borrow and Bomb/I Got News For You (Official video)



Lee Ving w/Dave Grohl and Sound City Players-The Palladium in Hollywood, January 2013


Russian Circles at The El Rey marked the third time I’d seen them play live in the last three years while Ghost at The Fonda was the second time in a year. Both bands are so technically amazing to watch and hear.


Russian Circles performing Geneva @ The El Rey, April 10, 2104


Ghost performing Stand By Him @ The Fonda, April 27, 2104. Courtesy of  KanonMadness.


Cage The Elephant has a crazy-ass lead singer named Matt Schultz, who climbs every vertical surface within reach and channels Iggy Pop; Juliette Lewis, who opened for Cage The Elephant has an awesome set of pipes. Saw them at The Observatory if you’re keeping score (I am).


Cage The Elephant performing Sabertooth Tiger @The Observatory


Despite the reviews you might read of Mogwai’s last two releases, they’re still in good graces with their fans as they sold out their show at the El Rey and there was no lack of enthusiasm for the songs they played off of Rave Tapes.


Mogway performing Remurdered @ The El Rey


Nails might just be one of the most visceral bands I’ve ever seen…or rather felt. And Iron Lung, who opened for them, might just have the angriest drummer in the world, as well as the heaviest sound a two-piece could ever produce. Honestly, my body didn’t recover until two days later. Of course The Echo is a small place, so the sonic waves that assault you have very little opportunity of dissipating.


Iron Lung @ The Echo, May 1, 2014-courtesy of Vulture Video


Nails @ The Echo, May 1, 2014-courtesy of Vulture Video


And Dillinger Escape Plan? Well, let’s just say OFF! the night before took the wind out of the sails of this old guy, and while we hung in for a couple of the opening acts…the 11:30 set for Dillinger Escape Plan was tantamount to climbing Mt. Everest without no legs and no sherpas…it wasn’t gonna happen.


Back to Manchester Orchestra…perhaps two of the biggest beards in music (excluding ZZ Top) belong to  singer Andy Hull and drummer Tim Very. And they’re a pretty great live band as well.


Manchester Orchestra on David Letterman