Tobacco-Not just for smoking

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Music
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Tobacco live @Los Angeles Natural History Museum, June 6, 2014

The best way to describe Tobacco is it sounds like the future. In 1982. Thanks in large part to the heavy use of analog synthesizers and vocoder, a Tobacco song is equal parts cable access and 80s porn soundtrack.  In fact, when you check out a Tobacco video, or see them live, you’ll see both. After you drench yourself with the sonic fluids of  a Tobacco album (I recommend the latest release, Ultimate II Massage), you’ll end up hating yourself a little bit for feeling like 1982 was the end all be all and the last 20 years has been nothing more than an exercise in futility.

For your Tobacco sampling pleasure, here are three videos that are not only NSFW, but may be habit forming.


Streaker-Directed by Eric Wareheim of  Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!


Side 8 (Big Gums version)


Hawker Boat


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