I hate Tuesdays

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Music

Painting by Erin Magee, Courtesy of The Sad Bastard Book Club

I have a hate-love relationship with Tuesday. From a work perspective, Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Mondays get a bad rap, but really, Monday still has a bit of an afterglow from the previous weekend…unless that weekend featured a death, jail time, puking or some other crappy event. Wednesday’s hump day, so you know things start to look good by the end of the day. Of course Thursday and Friday are givens in that the end of the work week is coming and all looks optimistic again.

But Tuesday…Tuesday is a Country song where your dog dies, your woman cheats on you and you drink too much all on the same day, every week. There is nothing good about Tuesday. Friday the 13th should be changed to Tuesday the 13th. The only thing that keeps Tuesday from being a complete loss…it’s the day new music drops.

The Sad Bastard Book Club, purveyors of Post-Americana Doom Folk from San Francisco have dropped a new EP, entitled: The Crow Nose Quartet’s “Carrion, My Wayward Son.”

A fitting release for a Tuesday, with song titles such as “I May Be the Final Nail, But it Took a Team to Build This Coffin,” and The Ruins of Machu Picchu Were an Ancient Prototype For the Future of Detroit.” If you’ve ever spent time in San Francisco, in the summer, you may identify with the disposition of The SBBC. Fog rules the season…in fact if you’re looking to get away the oppressive heat of anywhere else, you vacation in San Francisco, because you’ll be met with the wind, cold and gloom befitting of the Yorkshire moors from Wuthering Heights. Beyond the weather, though, The SBBC writes music reflective of a band that is openingly wondering how the hell did we get to this point, and now that we’re here, where do we go from here.


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